domingo, diciembre 03, 2006


When insecurities merge up with myself.Antique versions of them,some of them renewed,some of them just because.Another disappointment of how egocentric people maybe.To this point I tend to feel wise,with no particular reason because I'm not,and maybe I need tobe reminded that I'm waaaay too young to ever try to even start to think I get life and the rest of my signifant others.No,stereotypes definetelly do not work to find out all about someone.
How bullshitty is it to No one is in fact unloved,and I'm no exception whatsoever (oh how I love this last word in a British accent,it is a short ride in a rollercoaster,cannot be beaten). There is no real reason to rant over this.So I won't either.
Long story short,I just feel surprised because confidence is less static that I knew.

Entropia absoluta, todo lo ordenado tiende a desordenarse,este es el sentido en que lo entiendo.

I've got new Jupiter and Mars. Jupiter is blue, makes perfect and absolute sense.I amd still impressed because I had always thought Jupiter would be green,just because of Sailor Jupiter in fact.

And comment if you read.Because I know I am read by somebody,at least you whom I've known since we were four or five.

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by somebody dijo...

Well, since you ask...
First of all, i wanted to say that allthough my english is not too good, i felt temptied to answer in english...
(grave error, perdón si es indio y no se entiendo una j)

Second of all, i wanted to thank you, because i really had a good time yesterday, simply by seeing you, and knowing that i didn´t lost you, allthough sometimes i think i did.
Yes, i know i´m being very stupid by writing this, or perhaps just melancholic, that perhaps is also the result of being at home, trying to study "civil", sitting in my chair and looking to the ceiling, instead of concentrate on my study.
Having all this time, it make me think, well in reality, thoughts literally invade my brain, to the point of a near explosion, and i knew that if i didn´t download(?) it to some friends blog it would keep disturbing me for the rest of the day, and i could forget to achive concentration.
Well, i don´t know what the hell i´m writing, i got lost with my deliriuos comment plus the fact of trying to think in english, that is way to difficult because long time had passed since the last time i did.
The important is that i had a good time sharing with you my love for design, and i hope that on vacations you will ask me to help you with Photoshop, so you can invent your own design and show it to the World.Or invent your own World.
I felt guilty for not joining you yesterday, perhaps because i want to be more part of your busy life, so i don´t consume mine in a virtual one.

You know i love you.

PS: don´t loose your time trying to understand my delirious day.

fe de erratas dijo...

Notese q soy un desastre escribiendo en inglés, y puse loose en vez de lose, y friends en vez de friend´s, errores q acabo de ver.. y seguramente debe haber 500 errores más como los malditos tenses que no soy capaz de recordar/escribir bien.
Notese q incluso escribiendo en castellano, cometi errores: "entiendo" es "entiende", aún así y con todas estas explicaciones creo que no se entiende una j. jajaj

Pura López dijo...

Oh my!! You're not just SOMEBODY! Mile indeed!
Thank YOU too!

Mile dijo...

aprobé derecho!!!
hoy tendría q estudiar practica para mañana, pero mañana te llevo las gracias!!!
te dejo un sitio para que veas, esta muy bueno: es un grado más alto de animación, que me parece no se puede hacer sólo con flash, pero el flash al menos sirve para publicarlo!