miércoles, mayo 09, 2007


Derek: I was a jerk. sometimes boyfriends can be jerks... It doesn't mean you stop talking to them... You get that I'm saying I'm sorry, right?
Meredith: You yelled at me for no reason, and you walked away, and now you show up here.
Derek: Of course I showed up. Why wouldn't I? You don't trust me?
Meredith: I do.
Derek: Well, this is how it works. You fight sometimes, and somebody apologizes.
Meredith: Well, how am I supposed to do that?
Derek: You've never done this before.
Meredith: No, I've never done this before.
Derek: Hmm... Okay... Alright... Well, this is... From now on you can expect, that I'm gonna show up. Even if I yell, even if you yell. I'm always gonna show up.

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